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Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting

Budget Friendly Enterprise Quality Servers
Fast high quality dedicated servers built for performance without breaking the bank.
Our entry level line of dedicated servers is designed to be budget friendly but also deliver a great deal of performance for your applications. We only provide server grade hardware. This will provide you with the best uptime as server grade hardware is more resilient and durable under loads.

Our optimized IP network is the other half of the equation that will help ensure you always experience great performance just about anywhere in the world. Get a fast dedicated server without burning a hole in your wallet.

Why Host With Us? Here Are Some Reasons Why

24/7 Friendly Helpful Support

Our team of experts is ready to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Optimized Robust Network

Achieve the best connectivity anywhere in the world with our optimized network.

Generous Hardware Upgrades

Upgrade your server with an abundant amount of resources at incredible prices!

Not Quite What You're Looking For?

Our friendly engineers are always available to help. Reach out to us today!