High Storage Dedicated Servers

Enterprise Grade Mass Storage Servers
High performance, reliable storage servers for all deployments with large data requirements.
Store all of your data on our high storage dedicated servers without having to worry about going over your bandwidth limits. All of our packages include unmetered bandwidth. All servers are configured with enterprise grade hardware. Enterprise grade hardware helps ensure maximum uptime and reliability. We fully test all hardware thoroughly as part of our provisioning process. Here are at Alpha1Servers go to great lengths to make sure we provide you with a fully working healthy server ready to be used for your needs. These servers are perfect for CDNs, static data storage, offsite backup, disaster recovery and many other uses. Any flavor of linux that you may require can be provided along with your order.
What’s Included When You Host With Us

24/7 Tech Support

Our team of systems administrators are ready to help all day, every day, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Robust Network

Access your data fast anywhere in the world with our optimized network.

Cheap Hardware Upgrades

Get the perfect amounts of server resources you need at unbeatable prices!

Need A Different Hosting Solution?

Need a server with even more storage? We can help! Reach out today!